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Just a thought…

Prejudice is ugly. Prejudice cuts lot of people off from the truth.Messiah was rejected in Israel because of prejudice. Read John 7:45-52 (people of prejudice will receive nothing, but the man of vision and mission will go to the Mount of Olives (prayer mountain) to get his next mission. Read Luke 4:22-30 (when you are a visionary, the people of prejudice will try to throw you off the cliff. But if you are a visionary you will walk right through the crowd and go your way)

Nathaniel was a man of prejudice, yet he had a seeking heart. He was pre-conceived with the ‘proverb’ of Israel ‘will there be anything good come out of Nazareth?’ But when he met and listened to Jesus; he says ‘Rabbi, You are the Son of God; You are the King of Israel."

Open your eyes and mind beyond the biases, so that you will be blessed by an acknowledgment from the Lord – You are ALETHOS; means you have no corruption, you are genuine, you are trustworthy and also ‘Well done, good and faithful.’

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Thought ..

Truth without love is dangerous.
Love without truth has no character of Christ, it’s just hypocrisy.
Those who are theologically sound will not be unloving and self exalting.
If we are a true Christian, we will have no bias or partiality.

Those who wish to be loved of men, must be lovable and worthy of love; this is done, if they give up the love of the world, and love God only. Truth and love are precious jewels of Christians, which must be linked together and are more ornamental than golden chains. The one cannot exist without the other; truth without love is dead, and love without truth is blind. Starke

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