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I am very humbled for what the Lord is doing in and through the ministry! In spite of all the hardships, yet I am seeing good and amazing things happening in the ministry in India! It’s all because of the fervent prayers of you all and your wholehearted continuous support. May the Lord bless you.

If the Lord willing Josh and I will be travelling to India on March 3rd. From March 9th through 13th we have planned for a Dental/Medical camp which will also have various counseling sections; such as family, financial, spiritual, hygiene etc. We will have qualified Dentists, hygienists, medical Doctors and Nurses will be in the campus. This will trigger us to exhibit the care and love of Jesus Christ to the locals. This camp will be one of a rare event in the community that will ever happen!

From March 13th to 15th we will have our 16th annual convention and Rev. Abraham David will be ministering the Word of God. The morning of 14th 18 students of our Seminary students will be graduating together with 8 ladies from the Tailoring School. Out of which five Tailoring School graduates will be honored with a commercial sewing machine for their daily lives.

We need your prayers! Without your prayers and support we cannot do these! There is a great work we can together do.

God is so amazing! Everyday God speaks and He works. Having Jesus Christ in our lives is the best thing that ever happened to us. God is blessing us in the most amazing ways. We cannot keep quiet about what He does every moment as it’s so meaningful. When we have something worthy and meaningful, we cannot hide it or keep it ourselves. Let us proclaim through every avenue we have!

In HIS grip,

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