Sunday School

We have a very systematic Sunday school for all the age group starting at 10.30 am on every Sundays. We have various activities to encourage on their talents. Also, during the Sunday worship service, all our children recite a memory verse before the congregation.

At the same time, we have an adult bible study in the main sanctuary. At present, we are focusing on ‘Victory through a Christ centered approach to spiritual and emotional health’.


Steji Koshy


Pastor Roy Cheriyan
Daisy Thomas
Steji Koshy
Lisbeth Mathew
Anu Mathew
Bindu Simon
Suja Koshy
Anne Varkey


Ladies Ministry

Sister Sarah Cheriyan, our Pastor’s wife is the leader for the entire ladies group. Every first Saturday of the month, our ladies get together to pray and intercede for various needs of our families, communities, nation.  They have witnessed many healings and deliverances through these powerful prayer section.  If you have any prayer request, please contact:

Sarah Cheriyan (Coordinator)
(480) 861-4490

Suja Varghese (Prayer Cooridnator)

Youth Ministry

Under a great talented, secularly and spiritually qualified team, our youth is growing in the LORD.  Every Sunday morning from 10 am through 11:15 am they have a systematic study of the scripture based on today’s challenges.  Our youth is fully involved in the Praise and Worship of the church, outreach ministries, mission trips.  2012 they have laid out many plans to reach the community.  If you are interested, please contact one of us:

Youth Director: Sister Lisbeth Mathew
Assisted by: Christy Thomas and Christald Kurian

Bible Quiz

Our Teen Bible Quiz team has developed into 2 teams. They participate and compete other churches in the State of Arizona, in Southern Region too. They brought many trophies and are committed to learn the Word of God through this awesome opportunity.

Also our Junior Bible Quiz has developed into 2 teams. They are competing with children from other Arizona churches in their knowledge of the Word of God. If you like your child to be part of Bible quizzing team, please contact one of the leaders. In the past many years, they are the winners in the State and Regional. Also they participated in the National competition and brought awards.

Jaimon Varghese (TBQ) 480-241-7725
Sunny Kuruvilla (JBQ) 480-227-1348

We are very proud to say that two young ones who grew up in this church, Joshua Cheriyan and Anisha Justin Sabu are graduates of Theological studies and doing church planting.

We are humbled with the commitment of our young ones. Our Church and the Pastor is committed in bringing up our younger generation in the Word – ‘Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it’.

Praise and Worship

Our Pastor and the leadership understand the fact that Praise & Worship is not about performance, but rather leading the congregation to the true worship of the King of Kings. We integrate Malayalam, Hindi, and Tamil languages during the praise and worship.

This church has some requirements that the praise and worship team must spend an average of half an hour in prayer before they come to the stage. Also, the ladies must have head covering and their dress should be very appropriate. Come and truly enjoy the time of Worship. We have a true vibrant worship. Come and enjoy the Presence of God.


We have area cell groups in different homes on every Tuesdays, Wednesday s, Thursdays and Saturdays.
Every Sunday night, our Hindi Satsang meets in different homes which are led by Brothers Manish Graham and John Thomas at 6 PM.
Every Friday, we have cottage meeting either in the church or one of the homes from 7 pm to 9 pm.
We have an outreach ministry in the Arizona State University campus. Please contact 512-731-8416, 480-326-8101 or 480-241-7725.


Every 3rd weekend is observed as the fasting time. We pray for many needs in this fasting time.

Please contact us at (480) 390-1217 for any prayer needs or family fellowship.