Our Mission

The mission of our youth is to step out and show God’s love to those within and beyond the frames of our community.


Who We Are

The youth ministry at IAG AZ is vibrant, unique, and continually growing. We have one of the best youth programs in the state, providing our youth with many outlets to express their love for God through the skills and talents He has blessed them with. Over the years, we have expanded from just a handful of young people to a powerful community that desires to impact the world with our passion for God.

Our youth group is headed by Lisbeth Mathew, a gracious woman with a heart for others and an even bigger heart for God. Other youth leaders include Christy Thomas, Chris Kurian, and Neya Babu.





Our youth is actively involved in competitions that educate them and teach them the fundamentals of ownership, membership, and sportsmanship. They learn how to cooperate with each other as a team while also learning to be responsible and accountable for themselves.

Teen Bible Quiz (TBQ)

Our TBQ teams consist of very talented and competitive players who have competed with many teams from other churches far and near. Participants in TBQ (7th grade to 12th grade) are required to memorize full chapters of certain books in the Bible which requires great skill and determination.

Junior Bible Quiz (JBQ)

Our JBQ teams are some of the best in the state. Year after year, our best players participate in regional and national meets with teams from other churches across the country. Participants in JBQ (2nd grade to 6th grade) are required to memorize certain questions and answers that pertain to the Bible.

Weekly/Monthly Youth Meetings

We make an effort to have fellowship with one another often, to come together to worship our Lord and Savior, to discuss important topics and issues in our community and today’s world, and to just have a good time with each other! Whenever we come together, we often make many fond memories to look back on for years to come.

Youth Discussions

We offer many opportunities for our youth to grow, spiritually and mentally, and educate themselves and others in matters concerning morals, controversies, beliefs, and other topics that are important in today’s world.

Recreational Activities

Every couple of months or so, we plan for small events such as bowling nights, morning hikes, Christmas and Thanksgiving parties, and other get-togethers of the sort. We always have a good time (and good food too!).

Church Involvement

Having the youth be actively involved in our church is very important to us and our pastors. Thankfully, our youth are more than willing to get involved.

Outreach and Ministry

Spreading the Gospel is one of the main reasons as to why we’re here on this earth, and the youth are very passionate about sharing the faith to as many as possible. We have gone to Feed My Starving Children to help the organization do just that, traveled to Mexico to help rebuild a church, and we are planning to do much more in the future to expand the Kingdom of God.

“IAG’s The Messenger” Newsletter

Those among us who have a way with words and a creative mind help contribute to our newsletter. However, it’s not just limited to the newsletter team–any member of our church can contribute to it!

Church Worship

There are many musically talented youth in our church who diligently seek God and use their God-given gifts to lead the congregation in worship.

CA Meetings

Every month we have a CA meeting held on a Friday, where children, youth, and adults alike can express their talents–whether it be playing an instrument, singing, dancing, preaching, public speaking, et cetera. It is a great opportunity for members of the church, who are Christ Ambassadors (CA), to display their talents and skills for the Lord.