2014 News

Our Teen Bible Quiz and Junior Bible Quiz are the winners of State and Regional Finals. We appreciate and congratulate all the team members, coaches and parents for their tireless effort in depositing the Word in the hearts of the young ones.

If you are interested in the Bible Quiz, please contact the Team leaders

From Biju Ninan, Youth Team

Col 3:17 And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.

Many times we wonder what is God’s will for my life and I’ve ponder that many times throughout my life.  I believe it is very critical to ponder that because it allows you know that your spirit is yearning to please God and draw closer to Him.  The above verse has been my guidance which tells us in a general way that whatever we do, do it with Lord Jesus in the drivers seat. When he is there in your decisions or thoughts you can’t go wrong and you are in His will.


Teen Bible Quiz (TBQ)

Our church is well equipped to train our children in the Word of God. For the past several years, we are the winners in the State of Arizona on Teen Bible Quiz. This year, we have 1 team in A league, who do a very aggressive study of the book of 1 &2 Corinthians. We expect our children to memorize the books word to word. This will truly bless them to be the sharpest generation accademically and spiritually. We have another 2 teams called B league (Novice) – they also learn the book of both Corinthians.

Junior Bible Quiz

We have 3 teams in Junior Bible Quiz. They memorize the prescribed questions and answers. These little ones are amazing! You see a difference in our children as they are truly in depth of the Word of God.This will help them to stay tuned in the Presence of God and in Holy Spirit. This will truly help them to be away from the wickedness of this world.

Fine Arts

We have several talented children in our church. They are part of the fine arts. Fine Arts is part of the National Youth Ministries of Assemblies of God. The children contest on music, instruments, drama and various other talents.Overall, our church is encouraging all the age group to be fruitful for the LORD

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